Initial Assessment

During your first visit, the Physiotherapist will ask you to complete a detailed health screen questionnaire - to understand your past medical history, any recent traumas, medical requirements and additional conditions you may have. They will also ask questions regarding the current issue, to try and understand what you are experiencing. Following this, a physical assessment will be carried out. This aims to look at everything from general posture, to specific joint ranges and muscle strength. This will be tailored to your individual problem. In the first session, we always aim to carry out some treatment to begin the rehabilitation process. Following this, specific exercises and advice will be given for you to take away. A clear explanation of your problem will also be given.

Follow Up Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions may last for 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the complexity of your injury. Manual treatment is often used, this may include; Spinal mobilisations, deep soft tissue massage, acupuncture , joint mobilisations, specific soft tissue work around ligaments, tendons and trigger points, passive movements, muscular stretching - both active and passive, teaching of home exercises for you to complete at home and spinal manipulation leading to an audible 'click' (this excludes the upper cervical spine). In addition to this, expert advice and education will consistently be given, to help address postural and sport specific issues. If you have a question, we will answer it! This can also be done between sessions by phone or email. 

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